Urenna Ukonne | Tuesday 6th August, 2019


On Tuesday, July 23, President Buhari released the list of his ministerial candidates. Nigerians breathed a huge sigh of relief as this meant that certain policies would be implemented, and actions would be taken towards the achievement of the new administration’s “Next Level” goals.

There was a lot of skepticism and raised eyebrows on the President’s selection; some even termed it a compensation for lost elections. Some ministers that weren’t expected to return were re-appointed while some that were so sure of their return weren’t on the list. Sadly, no youth was on that list; but then again, the average youth age in Nigerian politics can be 50 years or more. Don’t quote me, please!

A week later, On Tuesday, 30 July, the Senate confirmed the 43 ministerial nominees, which included 14 re-appointed ministers and 29 newly appointed ministers. There were 7 women on the list. In the article, we look at the profiles of the newly appointed ministers. Please note that the profiles of the re-appointed ministers are not included here.

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